How to Hold a Badminton Racket

In the world of badminton, mastering the proper grip is the first step towards developing solid technique and improving your game. Holding the racket correctly not only enhances control and power but also reduces the risk of injury. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to hold a badminton racket with different grips, enabling you to optimize your performance on the court.

Basic Forehand Grip

Basic Forehand Grip Badminton Racket

The forehand grip is the foundation of the badminton technique. Follow these steps to achieve the perfect forehand grip:

  • Start with your hand open and the racket head facing the ground.
  • Place the racket handle into the “V” formed by your thumb and index finger, creating the base of the grip.
  • Wrap your fingers around the handle, keeping a firm but relaxed Hold a Badminton Racket.
  • The thumb should rest gently on the wider side of the grip, creating a natural curve in your hand.
  • Ensure that your grip is not too tight, allowing flexibility in your wrist for better control.

Backhand Grip

backhand grip badminton

The backhand grip is essential for executing effective backhand shots. Here’s how to achieve it:

  • Begin with the basic forehand grip.
  • Slightly adjust your hand on the handle by rotating it counterclockwise (for right-handed players) or clockwise (for left-handed players).
  • The thumb should now shift slightly towards the back of the grip, enabling better maneuverability during backhand strokes. Most Recommended Articles: Badminton Court Dimensions

Universal Grip

The universal grip, also known as the “panhandle” grip, is versatile for quick transitions between forehand and backhand shots. Here’s how to Hold a Badminton Racket with the universal grip:

  • Begin with the basic forehand grip.
  • Slide your hand down the handle slightly, so that the thumb and index finger form a “V” shape around the narrower side of the grip.
  • This grip allows for smooth switching between forehand and backhand shots without having to readjust your hand position.

Experiment and Adapt

While these are the fundamental grips, every player’s hand size and playing style are unique. Feel free to experiment and find a grip that suits you best. Some players might prefer slight variations in the finger positions for greater comfort and control.

Practice and Perseverance

Achieving the perfect grip takes practice and perseverance. Start by practicing the grips off the court, holding the racket while watching TV or during breaks. As you gain familiarity, incorporate the grips into your drills and gameplay. With consistent practice, the correct grip will become second nature, and you’ll experience an improvement in your shots and overall performance.


Mastering the art of Hold a Badminton Racket is essential for any aspiring player. The proper grip sets the foundation for developing solid technique and enhancing your control and power on the court. Remember to start with the basic forehand grip, adjust for backhand shots, and experiment with the universal grip for versatility. With dedication and practice, you’ll soon find the perfect grip that complements your playing style and takes your badminton game to new heights.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the basic forehand grip?

The basic forehand grip involves Hold a Badminton Racket with the “V” formed by the thumb and index finger, wrapping other fingers around the handle for control.

How do I achieve the backhand grip?

The backhand grip is a slight adjustment of the forehand grip, rotating the hand slightly to enable better maneuverability for backhand shots.

What is the universal grip?

The universal grip, or “panhandle” grip, allows quick transitions between forehand and backhand shots by shifting the hand slightly down the handle.

Can I experiment with the grip?

Yes, players can experiment and adapt the grip to suit their hand size and playing style for greater comfort and control.

How can I practice and improve my grip?

Practice off the court by Hold a Badminton Racket during breaks and drills. Incorporate the grip into gameplay for consistency and improvement.

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