The location factor affects salary the most compared to all others that we examine in the article. Thus, even though hiring onshore developers can be convenient at first sight, the price that you will have to pay can be rather high. In this case, the ideal option for you will be hiring specialists from offshore countries, minding certain aspects, such as time zone, cultural difference, and language barrier. The name says for itself — you pay for the hours the developers spent on implementing your product.

NestJS is a framework for developing server-side Node.js applications written in TypeScript, usually based on the Express.js framework. Node.js’ wide range of features further fuels the demand for, and difficulty in, hiring experienced Node.js developers. With so many Node.js use cases, a given expert won’t necessarily be ideal for your specific needs. Your first step is to follow this Node.js developer hiring guide to help sharpen your assessment of candidates and their skills. Davor is a senior full-stack developer with 9+ years of experience, skilled in crafting scalable and efficient solutions.

Similar Job Salaries to Node JS Developer by Company

Then we will proceed to an actual analysis of the Node.js developers’ salaries worldwide. Let’s look at how the Node.js developer salary rates are set up in the next sections of this article. If you need to create or improve a web app that involves third-party API integrations, database connections, or scheduled processes, you’re on the right track. REST APIs are web services that conform to the highly scalable REST architecture, which sets standards for using HTTP methods to securely exchange information with a server, usually using JSON in requests and responses. Node.js developers commonly create REST APIs because they are easy to document, understand, and use.

Node.js Developer salary

There are many skilled developers in the community who are capable of delivering top-notch results within your given budget and timeline. However, you will still have to interview them to see if these developers are a good fit for your company. To outsource Node.js development, you should pay outsourcing companies approximately $60-80 per hour in the USA, $60-70 – in the UK, $50-65 – in Western Europe, and $35-50 in Central Europe per 1 developer. You can calculate the approximate cost for your project based on this and on how many developers you need. In case you’re interested in outstaffing, ProCoders is a trusted provider of the development services all over the world.

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The professional I got to work with was on the phone with me within a couple of hours. I knew after discussing my project with him that he was the candidate I wanted. I hired him immediately and he wasted no time in getting to my project, even going the extra mile by adding some great design elements that enhanced our overall look.

  • However, you will still have to interview them to see if these developers are a good fit for your company.
  • Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%.
  • For those looking to work remotely with the best engineers, look no further than Toptal.
  • I knew after discussing my project with him that he was the candidate I wanted.
  • Employers are willing to pay top dollar for developers with decades of experience, and you can always expect your salary to increase as you spend more years practicing your skills of choice.
  • JavaScript was originally developed to run within web pages to make their presentation more dynamic and interactive.

These are just some of the pay factors that shape the average Node.js developer salary across the US. Netflix, Linkedin, Uber, Twitter, and PayPal, what do they have in common? Well, apart from their success and popularity, these giants use Node.js in their tech stack. So, we more than understand your decision to empower your project with this tool and hire skilled Node.js developers. Outstaffing presupposes the employment of Node.js developers to your in-house team. Similar to outsourcing, specialists are usually hired from nearshore/offshore companies where their rates are lower than on the local market.

Why do companies hire Node.js Developers?

Contact us, and our specialists will evaluate your request and find the best-fit Node.js software engineers for your project. Outsourcing is a great compromise for in-house specialists both in terms of quality and price. By choosing the outsourcing option, you just have to pay for the services you need and avoid any other expenditures related to the employment of the Node.js developers. Also, Node.js specialists with this level of expertise can lead a team of less experienced developers. From the table above, you can see that the Node js developer salary range differs significantly, not only depending on the location but depending on the level of expertise as well.

Node.js Developer salary

He’s led and supervised multiple engineering teams, but he considers himself a developer at heart. He’s experienced with back-end development (C++) and front end with React/Redux. Avenash often enjoys hacking away at a problem or testing out new ideas on the side whenever he has the time.

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ProCoders always strive to offer extra resources or development services to fulfill deadlines. Every workflow stage is open and honest, especially regarding prices. We will inform our clients if their suggested budget or project deadline is unattainable. Also, ProCoders will let them know about the non-relevant technology they selected and provide an alternative. If you want to find developers but don’t want to go through the process yourself, then you can opt to work with an outstaffing company. The demand for IT talent, level of experience, education, and location will always be the primary drivers that set prices for IT talent.

Node.js Developer salary

However, the questions are what destination to choose, what salaries such specialists have, what factors influence the cost to hire Nodejs developers, and most importantly, how to save on hiring them to work on your project? By the way, the answer to the destination question is already in our in-depth guide to outsourcing your Node.js-based project to an offshore software company. Continue reading this article to learn about Node.js developers’ salaries and hourly rates and tips on how to save on hiring these specialists for your project. And no wonder, the technology allows you to create robust real-time web applications, ensures accelerated time-to-market, enables high performance and speed of the apps, and much more. Thus, your decision to hire these specialists is justified more than enough. However, you may struggle to find the right Node.js developers at a reasonable rate for a high quality of work.

There’s no guaranteeing you’ll even attract enough clients to sustain yourself. Put these together, and you get an average estimated salary of $106k/year. All but one source lists the salary as over $100k/year, which is a good sign. Node.js took the top spot as the most-used framework spot in 2019 and 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, used by over 50% of its respondents. Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%. You can also use Node.js to develop frontend applications; it’s just a less common use of the program.

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It’s a good choice for completing short-term, straightforward projects and small tasks. The Node.js developer average salary can vary widely, anywhere from 50 to 100 percent depending on how long the candidate has been working with the platform. For 100%, you can take the salary of a senior Node.js engineer in the US for about 100 thousand dollars per year.

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