1. Introduction

Squash is an exciting and fast-paced racquet sport that is played within the confines of a designated court. To ensure fair play and maintain consistency across different matches and venues, squash courts are marked with specific lines and boundaries. In this article, we will explore the various markings found on a Squash Court Markings, helping you gain a better understanding of the playing area.

Squash courts are rectangular spaces enclosed by four walls where the game of squash is played. The court markings not only define the boundaries of the playing area but also help players navigate and strategize during a match. Must Read: Doubles Squash Court Dimensions

2. The Front Wall Markings

Squash Court The Front Wall Markings

The front wall is the primary playing surface in squash, and it contains several important markings:

Service Line: The service line is a horizontal line located above the tin, which is the lower boundary of the front wall. It marks the area behind which the server must stand during a serve.

Outline: The outline is a horizontal line at the top of the front wall that marks the upper boundary. The ball must be hit above this line to remain in play.

Tin: The tin is a narrow strip at the bottom of the front wall, spanning the width of the court. It marks the lower boundary, and any shot hitting below the tin is considered out of bounds.

3. The Side Wall Markings

The side walls of a Squash Court Markings also feature important markings:

Service Boxes: Each half of the court has a service box, marked by a vertical line extending from the front wall to the side wall. During serves, the server must hit the ball above the service line and within the service box diagonally opposite.

Half-Court Line: The half-court line is a vertical line that divides the court into front and back halves. It helps players position themselves strategically during rallies.

4. The Floor Markings

The Floor Markings of Squash Court

The floor of a Squash Court Markings contains specific markings that aid in gameplay:

Short Line: The short line is a horizontal line located halfway between the front wall and the back wall. It marks the area behind which the server must stand during a serve.

Service Boxes: Similar to the side wall markings, the service boxes are also marked on the floor. They align with the service boxes on the side walls and define the server’s area during a serve. Must Read This Article: Squash Court Dimensions In Feet


Squash Court Markings are essential for both beginners and experienced players. These markings delineate the boundaries of the playing area, determine valid shots, and help players position themselves strategically during a match. Whether it’s the front wall markings, sidewall markings, or floor markings, each one plays a crucial role in ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game.

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