What to Wear for Volleyball Tryouts

Volleyball tryouts, a blend of nerves and excitement, mark the beginning of a journey toward becoming a part of a dynamic team. Beyond showcasing your skills, your choice of attire can speak volumes about your preparedness and dedication. From the right footwear to comfortable clothing, here’s a comprehensive guide on what to wear for volleyball tryouts that will help you step onto the court in style.

The Foundation: Footwear and Socks

The Foundation Footwear And Socks Volleyball

The cornerstone of any volleyball outfit is the proper footwear. Opt for lightweight, supportive volleyball shoes that offer the necessary traction and stability on the court. These shoes are designed to cushion your movements, making it easier to pivot, jump, and dive confidently.

Equally important are your socks. Choose moisture-wicking, cushioned socks that reduce friction and keep your feet dry during intense activity. A good pair of socks can prevent blisters and discomfort, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. We will also recommend you to read this Article: Beach Volleyball Court Dimensions

Sensible Shorts and Athletic Leggings

Volleyball demands quick movements and flexibility. When it comes to bottoms, consider wearing either comfortable athletic shorts or leggings that allow you to move freely. Look for moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool and dry, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the tryouts.

Athletic leggings, especially ones with compression features, can provide added support to your muscles and improve blood circulation, potentially enhancing your performance on the court.

Choose the Perfect Top

Selecting the right top Wear for Volleyball Tryouts is a balancing act between comfort and functionality. Opt for a moisture-wicking, breathable performance top that fits snugly without restricting your movement. A well-fitted top helps the coach observe your form and technique accurately.

Consider sleeveless tops or those with raglan-style sleeves to allow a wide range of motion for your arms. However, remember that some tryouts might have specific dress codes, so it’s essential to verify any guidelines provided by the organizers.

Stay Supportive with Sports Bras

Stay Supportive With Sports Bras Volleyball

For female athletes, the right sports bra is crucial. Choose a high-support sports bra that minimizes movement and offers the necessary comfort and protection. A properly fitted sports bra not only provides support but also contributes to your overall confidence on the court.

Minimalist Accessories

While accessories are generally discouraged during tryouts, there are a few minimalist items that can be useful. A sweat-wicking headband can help keep sweat away from your eyes, allowing you to maintain focus. If you wear glasses, make sure to use sports-friendly straps to keep them secure.

Hair and Hydration

Keep your hair pulled back and secured in a way that won’t obstruct your vision. A simple ponytail or braid is a practical choice, ensuring you can concentrate on your performance without distraction.

Hydration is key during physical activities. Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the tryouts. Staying properly hydrated can help maintain your energy levels and focus.

Confidence: The Ultimate Attire

Confidence The Ultimate Attire Volleyball

While the right outfit is essential, don’t overlook the most crucial element: confidence. Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, it can have a positive impact on your performance and overall demeanor.


Choosing the right attire Wear for Volleyball Tryouts goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about equipping yourself for optimal performance and showcasing your dedication. From footwear to clothing, each element plays a role in helping you shine on the court. So, lace up those volleyball shoes, slip into comfortable gear, and step onto the court with confidence and style.


1. What should I wear for volleyball tryouts?

Opt for lightweight, supportive volleyball shoes, comfortable athletic shorts, leggings, or moisture-wicking performance pants. Choose a well-fitted, breathable top that doesn’t restrict movement. Female athletes should wear high-support sports bras.

2. Are there dress code guidelines for tryouts?

Some tryouts might have specific dress code requirements. Verify any guidelines provided by the organizers before selecting your attire.

3. Can I wear accessories during tryouts?

Minimalist accessories like sweat-wicking headbands are practical. However, excessive accessories are discouraged as they can hinder performance.

4. How should I style my hair for tryouts?

Pull your hair back in a secure manner that won’t obstruct your vision. A simple ponytail or braid works well.

5. What type of sports bra should I wear?

Choose a high-support sports bra for maximum comfort and protection. A proper fit minimizes movement and enhances confidence.

6. Should I bring water to the tryouts?

Yes, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle to maintain energy levels and focus during physical activity.

7. Why is confidence important in tryout attire?

Confidence plays a significant role in performance. Choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident, positively impacting your overall demeanor on the court.

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